League of Legends is a multiplayer MOBA game that keeps growing bigger with thousands of new players signing up every day. Over the years, Summoner's Rift became a common destination where groups of friends indulge in fun gaming sessions and grind LP in ranked. Are you a rookie League Of Legends player that recently started playing the game and want to start playing ranked with your friends? You've probably just started playing and want to skip the annoying bot games at low levels and tedious leveling until level 30. On the other hand, maybe you're a seasoned veteran that wants a fresh start in ranked but you can't be bothered to level up the account yourself? Statistically speaking, you're looking at roughly 200 normal/bot games that will take over 100 hours of your time before you can fully immerse yourself in the competitive side of the game. Do you honestly want to spend all of that time on leveling up instead of grinding ranked and getting high elo?