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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our League of Legends Lootbox system at and how you get the chance to win free LoL Unranked Accounts every day. We think this is a great way to give back to our community. Create an Account on our website now and Start winning a Free Level 30 LoL Account today!

You must have an account on our website and choose your server. After that you get a free Lootbox every day (every 24 hours) and for every 10$ spent. To be eligible to win an account you must be a customer (at least 1 order from us). We had to implement this rule due to people creating several fake accounts. If you have no fulfilled orders you can only win discount codes up to 75%.
If you are a lucky winner of a Free Level 30 LoL Unranked Account, we will instantly send you the Free League of Legends Smurf to your Email. If you need assistance just contact us in the chat
Yes it is absolutely free! After winning an Account, you will get it right away on your email.

You can win either a Free LoL Account for your Server or Discount codes that will be applied automatically.
When winning an Free LoL Account, you will instantly get it sent to your email. When winning a discount code, the highest discount code will be applied automatically in the checkout.
The highest discount code will always be applied in the checkout. Each Discount Code will be valid for 7 days.

Win a Free League Of Legends Unranked Account

Having been in the Account industry for years, we understand all our customers needs and frustrations. Our LoL Accounts are all secure and always come with full email access. Our only priority is to deliver you the best League of Legends Smurf Accounts instantly, securely and without hassle. Win Free LoL Level 30 Unranked Smurf Accounts on NA, EUW, EUNE, BR and OCE. This is the only way to get secure League of Legends Accounts for absolutely free!

Instant Free LoL Account

Open your Daily Lootbox and get a Free LoL Account instantly on your email! The whole process is automated so you dont have to do or worry about anything.

Secure Daily Prizes

You get one free Lootbox every 24 hours and one Lootbox for every $10 spent on your Account. Open your Lootbox to win great prizes every day including Discounts and Accounts!

A Unique Experience

We always strive provide the highest quality. Thats why we created this unique feature on our website that you will not see anywhere else! Only at Accounts Of Legends.

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Why do you give away Free LoL Accounts?

Being in the market for many years, we often got these questions: "Can i get a free Account?" or "How to get a free LoL Smurf Account?". Unfortunately we could never provide this to our customers even though we would love to give back to every one. So we came up with a unique and completely new way to make League Of Legends players days a little

Why you should own League of Legends smurf accounts

There are many different reasons why people get a new lol smurf account. Those start at things like exploring the servers, or limit testing. Others might just want to play with friends in a lower elo or have a back up just in case something happened to your main account and you dont want to ruin your MMR. A League Of Legends smurf account opens the oportunity to learn new things without having to worry about losing elo on your main lol account. Also almost all pro players and streamers own many lol smurf accounts that they use to climb, practise etc. Thats why we are really happy to present this unique oportunity to get LoL Smurf Accounts completely for Free.