What is Smurfing?

Smurfing is a really popular term used in online gaming in general, and not just in League Of Legends. The term “Smurfing” refers to skilled players in a high elo who create new accounts. The reasons always differ. Some just want a backup account while others want to have fun. There are many more reasons for smurfing. In this way, highly skilled players are matched with lower-level players in lower ranks.

They have a much easier time in the match, whereas beginners struggle to compete against them. It is a common practice adapted by many experienced players in pretty much every single multiplayer game. League of Legends is no exception in this case. People might learn new roles and champs on smurfs, play with friends or even try to set a new winrate record.

Matchmaking in online games take plenty of factors into play. While Elo is definitely the most important factor out of all, the player level as well as his K/D ratio also has an effect. However, smurfs don’t have to worry about any of these, as they are most usually playing through a new account. As a result, they are always matched with complete beginners who don’t even know how to play the game properly.

Another common practice adapted in smurfing is a player pretending to play with another account of some other player. For instance, a player may give his account to an experienced friend for boosting. If we were to make the term even simpler, how smurfing is really done in League Of Legends is through playing in lower elo than normal.

After talking to some high elo players, I realized that often, the reason why smurfing is so common even in LoL is because of the fact that players get a competitive edge over their opponents and push themselves. Players also try smurfing after they start getting bored on their main account while others might have been banned. Through smurf accounts, they don’t have to worry about their main account being affected in any way. Therefore, players love to try out new things using their new LoL smurf accounts. So, the reason why the player is playing with a smurf account may always differ and may not always be to gain a competitive edge over the other player.


Is Buying League of Legends Accounts Illegal?

Even though buying League of Legends accounts for smurfing isn’t illegal, it still goes against the Riot Games guidelines. There isn’t a policy that regards smurfing as an illegal act. However, Riot still does not support smurfing. The reason behind is purely because of how it may ruin the experience of a other players. Most beginners consider smurfing as an unfair strategy as it clearly gives the person who is smurfing a better chance at winning the match against all inexperienced players. There is no denying how smurfing does have some kind of negative effect on beginners. Having a single smurf enter a match of these players might ruin the enjoyment they get out of the game. This is why most new players are completely against the concept of smurfing. However, does Riot really do anything against smurfing?

Yes, absolutely! That is why Rito Games invented the so called“smurf queue”, a seperate matchmaking queue that automatically matches players together that have a higher winrate than the average player. This smurf queue actually comes in really fast. After winning the first 3 or 4 placement games, chances to be placed in the smurf queue are surprisingly high.


When a player is smurfing, not only does he need to buy a LoL smurf account, but chances are that he will also be buying different microtransactions that the game offers. Just to take an example, whenever a player buys a new LoL unranked account, he may buy skins for different accounts all over again. This ultimately benefits Riot which is precisely why they don’t do much against smurfing in League of Legends. However, this does not mean that they don’t do anything against smurfing at all.

There is still some type of action that may be taken against a player who is smurfing. The idea of smurfing isn’t really popular amongst new or inexperienced players. Just to take an example, a player could report a smurf account and accuse it of boosting. This will put the smurf account under suspicion, leading to a potential ban sooner or later. But in most cases, Riot does not seem to care much about taking a huge action against smurfs as the banrate is next to nothing.


Is Smurfing Bad?

On the debate of whether smurfing is actually bad or not, it necessarily isn’t. There really isn’t much of a negative impact of smurfing on the game since the release of the smurf queue. As already mentioned above, smurfing is common in every multiplayer game.

There really isn’t anything bad about smurfing. In fact, after buying a League of Legends unranked smurf account, players can enjoy plenty of benefits. Many professional players use LoL smurf accounts in order to enjoy some of these benefits. For those of you who don’t know what the advantages of smurfing really are, or why smurfing isn’t a bad thing, then here are some of them mentioned below:

  • Through smurfing, players are allowed to improve their skills further by gaining more and new experiences.

  • Thanks to smurfing, players aren’t always matched with high skilled players as they normally are. This is why they are allowed to try out new champs, roles and tactics and learn how to play them effectively as well.

  • Players buy a completely new smurf account, so they don’t have to worry about their main accounts getting effected in any way. As a result, players get encouraged to challenge themselves in new ways.

  • At its core, League of Legends is still an online game where you are supposed to play with your friends and have fun. A diamond player could not play with his gold friend and therefore needs an account that matches the elo, thats why a new LoL Account can be really helpful and even essential for the gaming friendship.

  • Smurfing can be just the push that you need after you start getting bored of the game or after having a longer break.

  • Matchmaking queue has significantly changed for smurfs so they barely effect regular players in LoL. We should not forget the fact that smurfs are now put against each other in the smurf queue for matchmaking balancing.


    Can I Be Banned for Smurfing?

    The short answer: Well yes, but actually no.

    Plenty of players have this fear of getting banned whenever they think of trying to smurf in League of Legend. What they don’t know is that smurfing isn’t really bannable. There are plenty of things that come into play when it comes to an account getting banned. While smurfing in itself isn’t necessarily a bannable thing as mentioned previously, it is still possible that you might get reported by other players for boosting. This could also lead to a potential ban as boosting isn’t allowed in LoL.

    But at the end of the day, it mainly depends on just how safe the account of the player is levelled. Most of the time, there is nothing wrong with smurfing as long as you are naturally leveling up your account. The problem mainly comes down to how the account is levelled. With an unprofessional program you usually get banned right away and you should avoid them at all costs.

    The good news is that the odds of getting banned are near to 0 thanks to accountsoflegends. All the accounts offered are completely undetected. By buying these accounts and following the mentioned guidelines, you will not have to worry about getting banned for buying a LoL account for smurfing.


    How to Avoid Being Banned?

    Sadly, the chances exist to be banned while using a new League Of Legends smurf account. Similarly, there are ways on how you can avoid a ban while using a LoL smurf account. To do this, you should follow a few precautionary steps that should keep you away from getting banned.

    One of the first things to do is to change the in-game name. This is a really effective way of staying anonymous while smurfing as bought accounts usually have a generated name that can be easily spotted by players. Likewise, changing the Riot ID also helps preventing your account from getting banned.

    Another great initiative that every player can take is play 20 normals. What this does is that it hides the match history of his account. It proves to be quite effective in many cases.

    We don’t recommend you to buy RP while smurfing as the Riot AI will automatically flag the transaction that you make using a new unknown IP address.

    Moreover, you will also need to be cautious as to not say anything suspicious in the chat and remain invisible. You don’t necessarily need to stay completely quiet in the chat but be sure to be nice. Here are the key points to stay safe: don’t do flaming, accusing, spamming, or give any indication that you might have bought an account. Simply put, you will have to be sure that you don’t do anything that would raise any type of unwanted suspicion.

    Following these guidelines will keep the chances of getting banned by Riot near 0. So, we highly recommend that you follow these instructions whenever you are using a smurf account. Doing so should allow you to keep on smurfing in League Of Legends without needing to worry about getting banned.


    Are the Accounts Customizable?

    The accounts are not really customizable. All of the accounts come with Blue Essences (BE). Also, the accounts will all have different auto generated names. However, the good news is that you can always change the in-game name by yourself after you successfully bought a new LoL account.

    So, in case of customization, you won’t have the ability to customize much of the account. Sadly, there is no option on choosing the loot of the account. But you will still be getting Blue Essences and you can change the name of the account at the time of your convenience.

    Another thing worth noting is that all the accounts that we provide are unverified. This means that we always give the player the ability to be able to change the email and password of their account and we clearly advice you to do so


    How Does Your Service Work and What Can I Expect?

    Through our service, you can expect to get instantaneous delivery as we strive for customer satisfaction. As soon as the transaction is made, you will get your account delivered to your email instantly. Most of the time, there isn’t any kind of delay and the accounts are delivered as soon as our system detects the transaction has been made. If you used PayPal, the account will be sent to your paypal email, otherwise it will be sent to the email you provided in the checkout. So always make sure to enter the correct mail and check for any spelling mistakes.

    Apart from swift delivery, you will also be getting full access to the account (unverified). You can always change email and password and fully secure the account. The account delivered will be completely yours as you will be getting exactly what you paid for.

    It is also worth mentioning that we will be giving you a lifetime warranty on your account. There shouldn’t be any issue with the account, and even if there is, you will get to enjoy lifetime warranty. As a result, you can use the account without needing to worry much about anything.

    Besides this, you will also get to enjoy a live customer chat support. In case of any query or issues with the account or something in general, our support team will be more than happy to comply and answer all of your queries.

    The same goes for any issues that you might be facing while in the midst of a transaction. More specifically, the support team is available throughout and will answer to any of your query or question regarding League of Legends smurf accounts.


    Are League of Legends Accounts Expensive?

    Players also have this concern of League of Legends accounts being too expensive. However, this isn’t true at all. Different LoL smurf accounts exist depending on the requirement of the player. The accounts having more essences will cost more than an ordinary smurf account.

    In case you have no idea on what a League of Legends account usually cost, our price range usually starts from $9,99 up to $19,99. A few years ago a basic smurf account with 30.000 essences would cost you over $30 and some places still offer them for such ridiculous prices. Most usually, players like to buy a level 30 LoL account as it isn’t all that expensive but allows them to enjoy most of the activities on the go. On Accounts Of Legends you get LoL Unranked Smurf accounts for only $9,99 and they are completely ready for ranked with the amount of essences on it.

    Another factor on what the account’s pricing might depend on is the current state of the game. To put it bluntly, the relation of pricing of the account follows the same supply and demand rule as all the other items on the market.

    These are mostly the two main factors on what the pricing of the LoL accounts will mostly depend. Luckily, you can find both cheap as well as more expensive accounts on accountsoflegends.com depending on your needs.


    How to Buy League of Legends Smurf Accounts?

    There are a number of different ways on how one can buy League of Legends accounts. All of the ways are completely secure and won’t pose any kind of threat to the player. If you are looking for the safest advice, we recommend that you go for a professional seller that offers a wide service.

    Before you end up buying an account, you will have to keep an eye on the number of services that you are getting on your transaction. For example, you should always check whether you are getting a lifetime warranty on the account or not. Also make sure that the account is unverified. That means you can change email and password. This way, nobody else will ever have access to your account and in the rare case of being hacked or forgetting your log in details, you can easily recover your account using your email.

    These are all the main factors that you will need to check before getting the account. Similarly, take a look at the reviews of players who have previously bought League of Legends accounts. This will help you determine exactly how reliable or good the source is from where you are making your purchase. Another thing to look out for is the customer support. Is email support offered or maybe even a professional live chat support? If there is a live chat, make use of it and get all the information you need.

    One thing that you will need to absolutely avoid is going for an unreasonable cheap account from a random website without reputation. Sadly, some places sell verified, banned or even hacked accounts. Instead, you need to make sure that the source or website from where you are getting your account should be completely safe and reliable at all costs. It may cost you a few more bucks, but it is better than the account which might get banned or stop working after a certain period time. This is why it is crucial that you don’t just end up buying from a completely random website.


    How to Pay for LoL Accounts?

    Paying for a LoL account can be done through a variety of ways. As you are basically getting virtual service, it is clear that you won’t be paying through cash. But you can use all standard ways of paying online for a service.

    We accept paymets via PayPal, Stripe (refers to credit cards), google and apple pay, or even cryptocurrencies. All of them are considered as standard ways of payment for buying any type of virtual service on the internet.

    However, cryptocurrency is one form of payment that may be new to you – rest assured, it also is still new to us. There are so many different types of cryptocurrencies. For instance, most popular cryptocurrencies we accept are Ehtereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). Our payment provider for crypto currencies is called coinbase, the second largest cryptocurrency exchange market in the world.

    All of the named payment providers are safe and SSL secured, but the choice of which form of payment you prefer is completely up to you. If it is available, then you may go for your preferable payment method, whether it be stripe, PayPal, or through crypto currencies.


    What to Do After Payment?

    In case you are wondering about what you should do after making your purchase, the very first thing that you will need to do is to check your Emails as soon as the purchase is complete. Be sure to confirm that you have indeed received an Email regarding your transaction.

    If you can’t find the mail in your inbox, you may also check your spam folder or any other Email that you may have provided while checking out. It could be that your mail somehow ends up in your spam folder due to which you can’t locate the mail easily. Another possibility is that you may have given a different Email while giving your details during the purchase. If that is so, then simply check the said Email. Similarly, if you paid using PayPal, you should also check the PayPal Email.

    There should be 2 different mails that you receive after the purchase. One of them will be for confirming your order while the other one will tell you all about your order details (along with your account). You will need to make sure that you receive both these mails.

    Under the circumstance that you can’t find any of these mails in your Email, then there’s nothing to worry about. All you have to do is to contact our customer support team. We will personally take a look at your case and tell you exactly what’s wrong and get everything in order. If we dont get back to you instantly, dont panic. Be sure that we always solve any issue.


    What to Do After Receiving the Account?

    As soon as you receive your account, we recommend that you check a number of things to avoid facing any kind of complication. Start with checking your account for any type of issues. If you notice anything wrong with the account, we strongly recommend that you contact us so we can have a look. If you don’t know what things to check, you will have to check things like the Server, Essences, Status of the account, and whether it has been previously used or not.

    The format of the account is always as to mention the name of the player followed by the password and the server. After you have confirmed that there is nothing wrong with your account, you should immediately change the email, and the password of the account in order to completely secure it. To do this, you will have to access the League’s website.

    After you launch the game, we suggest going to a custom game and adjusting the settings of your game. Some of the most important settings include:

    • Video – Enable line missile display (for skillshots!)
    • Interface - Turn on Chat as well as timestamps.

    • Interface - Turn on Gold, Mana, Damage, Heal, Mana, and similar settings (at the bottom).

    • Sounds – Unmute

    • Game – Turn off movement prediction (at the bottom).

    Once you are done with adjusting the game’s settings, we suggest buying 20 different champions to use in ranked. Lastly, change your in-game name. You should now be set to enjoying your level 30 LoL unranked smurf account. Just make sure that you follow all these instructions, so you don’t end up facing any type of issues in the future.


    How Can I Be Sure the Account Won’t Be Stolen?

    Now that you have set your account and are ready to enjoy smurfing on your new LoL account, you might still have one question on your mind. What’s the guarantee that your account won’t be getting stolen or stop working?

    We have already mentioned how all the accounts that we provide are completely unverified. This means that after you buy these accounts, you will also have to verify these accounts with your own email. Once you verify your account, you can also proceed to changing the password of the account (which is also highly recommended).

    Besides, this will be your own personal account. In order to learn how to completely secure your account, we have already given all the details that you will need to know. Ensure that you follow all of them.

    If you aren’t still satisfied, then you will be getting to enjoy lifetime warranty as well as a complete support service. Even if you do end up facing any type of issue, all you have to do is to contact our team.


    I Selected the Wrong Server, What Now?

    A pretty common issue that players end up facing when making their purchase for the first time is that they choose a wrong server. Let say you buy a LoL Smurf for EUW but you actually need an NA LoL accounts... If you end up doing the very same thing, then there’s nothing to be afraid of. Just be sure to leave the account as it was and proceed on to contacting our support team.

    If the account has not been used, we will help in giving you a complete replacement. However, if you have somewhat used or played the account, we might still be able to offer a partial refund (mostly depending on the number of essences that is left on the account, if the account was played on and if the details have been changed).

    You will also have to make sure that you haven’t connected any Email with the account. This is why whenever you face such an issue, the very first thing that we strongly recommend is that you leave the account as it is. If not used, then you will get to enjoy a complete replacement.


    Stuck in Elo Hell, What Now?

    If you find yourself stuck in Elo hell, then you might need to reflect on your gameplay. You will have to check a number of things including how you are playing the game. Although not that common, but some players do struggle while playing League of Legends.

    In cases like these, you will have to keep an eye on your gameplay and notice all the mistakes that you are doing. In order to properly reflect on your gameplay, you will need to watch different gameplay videos which should give you a better idea on how you should be playing the game and what things you should avoid. You will also need to analyze your gameplay and determine your mistakes on the game. This way, you can avoid making these mistakes in the future and improve your game at the same time.

    It could be that the role you are currently playing as just doesn’t suit you. If that is so, then you can try changing or learning a new role. Buying a smurf is a really effective strategy on improving your gameplay. As you will be placed against new players, you can go through the basics again and rebuild your base.

    Regardless of how bad or good you get at the game, never forget to keep having fun. Messing around in Arams and other modes may also improve certain aspects of your gameplay.

    However, if you notice your game not improving at all, even after following all the instructions then you may be facing a burn out. In this case, the best option would be to simply take a break from the game. The break can be as long as you want it to be. You can try improving the game once you think you are ready to have a go at LoL again.

    Sometimes, taking a break is all that you need as the game may start getting overwhelming for you. Do keep in mind that this is the last option if you think nothing else is working or even slightly improving your game.