As with all things in life, even purchasing a League account comes with its risks. They can be plentiful or one major one, but that’s why this article is here. To inform and clarify to all our customers and other curious people how our team conducts its business. 

How the need for it emerged

With the increasing popularity of League of Legends and it becoming one of the most popular games in the world, with a flourishing eSports scene, so has the interest in making and purchasing League accounts risen simultaneously. This has created a market to satisfy all that demand and which many websites with shady reputations and reviews among the League community have tried to take advantage of. That has usually been done by offering unusually cheap products and other false information to young adults and teenagers that get caught up in it without taking the precautionary measures. To help combat this negative perception and better explain to players the situation, we have a live chat support available to our customers 24/7 and many helpful articles like this one.

Our products

We offer a variety of accounts based on your needs, and on multiple servers. Currently, we can supply our clients with accounts on the NA, EUW, EUNE, TR, and BR servers, with others options coming in the future based on demand. They can be hand-leveled accounts, created and leveled by real people, or botted accounts using the software our team has developed. The difference is that hand-leveled accounts seem safer from the possibility of being banned because there was no usage of third-party programs, and those accounts are already in the system, were used, and were never sanctioned.

Why us?

 Knowing this raises the question, where can you purchase these accounts at reasonable prices but also have a sense of security when making the purchase. For the longest of times, the League community forums have been filled with individual sellers offering accounts, oftentimes with suspicious quality. To avoid that the community started creating separate forums that acted as a marketplace for these kinds of services. There, people could purchase and get informed, read feedback and reviews from other customers on how good has the service been. With the expansion of the internet and growth of interest, these forums have been abandoned and now business is usually being conducted on specialized sites like ours. This offers customers more trust and safety, as the effort, it takes to create an entire website dedicated to scamming is a lot bigger than back in the day where you could just post on forums.

That's why it is advised that you make purchases on websites like ours, which have a whole team dedicated to making high-quality products, collecting positive reviews from the community, and satisfying our customer's needs. 

How we function

So how does this work? Well on our site all the procedures are automated and the entire process is done within a short period after your payment is verified. First, you need to choose your product, which can be done on this page here: 

Buy Level 30 LoL Smurf Accounts | League of Legends Accounts | Instant delivery – AccountsOfLegends .

 After you have the correct product you need, you can proceed to the checkout lobby. If you are a recurring customer, you might have already created your own profile on our site and saved important info like payment methods and emails we can contact you on. This saves a lot of time in future purchases. If you haven't created one yet, it is not a problem. You will need to enter an email, on which we can contact you, send you a confirmation and send you your account. It is preferred for that email to be the one that you have your payment method linked to but it is not a necessity. This is mostly for people who will complete the transaction via PayPal. After that, you input some personal information and your payment method. In a short period, this entire process should be over and you should receive a confirmation email regarding the transaction and another one with your product. The second email will contain all of the login credentials to your account and you are free to start using it right away.

Customer support

To guarantee the quality of our products to our customers, we have implemented an option that they can use if they are facing some sort of issue. The first one is our lifetime guarantee to all the accounts that we have sold. There shouldn't be any problems because every step of the procedure is automated, but if anything happens to your account that's not caused by your actions, you will get your account replaced and be given a new one for free. Another feature we have that might be really useful, especially to new users, is the live chat support. 

If at any point of the process you begin facing issues, regardless of the type, our support team will be available to you to resolve these issues and answer your questions.

Payment process

As we already mentioned, one of the payment methods we accept is PayPal. You can also use Google pay and Apple pay. Apart from these standard ways of payment, we are working on expanding to cryptocurrency purchases. As of this moment, we accept payments in Ehtereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) Our payment provider for cryptocurrencies is called coinbase, the second-largest cryptocurrency exchange market in the world.

All of the named payment providers are safe and SSL secured, but the choice of which form of payment you prefer is completely up to you.