LoL Level 30 Unranked Smurf Account

  • Server: NA
  • Blue Essences: 31.000+
  • Level: 30+
  • Rank: Unranked

LoL Level 30 Unranked Smurf Account

$129.99 $6.53
Instant Delivery Free
Lifetime Warranty Free
Full E-Mail Access Free

+New League Of Legends Level 30+ Unranked Account

- Level 30 Unranked LoL Account

- Up to 41.000+/ 51.000+/ 61.000+ Blue Essences or **Handleveled Accounts** (important details bellow!)

- Full access, E-mail change and password change available

- Instant delivery, lifetime warranty

- Completely fresh mmr - minimum level 30 never ranked before, 

- NA / EUW / EUNE / TR / BR Server

**- Please note that the handleveled accounts may have been in ranked in 2019 or 2020 but have not been in ranked in 2021. They are completely safe as they are from real players but contain random amounts of BE and Champs. The accounts all own 1-40 champs or 0-30.000 Essences and the honor lv can be 0-2**  

Instant Delivery

You get your new LoL account instantly on your email after purchasing. No annoying waiting with our 24/7 instant delivery!

Full E-Mail Access

All of our Ranked LoL Accounts come with full E-Mail access, that means you can change E-Mail and Password to fully secure the Account. Nobody else will ever have access to it.

No Hidden Fees Or Taxes

All prices on our website are final. that means there will not be any suprises when finalizing the order. You will never even pay a single cent more than displayed.

Live Customer Support

You can always reach out to us easily in the live chat in the bottom right corner. Our dedicated customer support will cover all your needs.dedicated customer support will cover all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Through our service, you can expect to get instant delivery as we strive for customer satisfaction. As soon as the transaction is made, you will get your account delivered to your email instantly. Most of the time, there isn’t any kind of delay and the accounts are delivered as soon as our system detects the transaction has been made. If you used PayPal, the account will be sent to your paypal email, otherwise it will be sent to the email you provided in the checkout. So always make sure to enter the correct mail and check for any spelling mistakes. Apart from swift delivery, you will also be getting full access to the account (unverified). You can always change email and password and fully secure the account. The account delivered will be completely yours as you will be getting exactly what you paid for. It is also worth mentioning that we will be giving you a lifetime warranty on your account. There shouldn’t be any issue with the account, and even if there is, you will get to enjoy lifetime warranty. As a result, you can use the account without needing to worry much about anything. Besides this, you will also get to enjoy a live customer chat support. In case of any query or issues with the account or something in general, our support team will be more than happy to comply and answer all of your queries. The same goes for any issues that you might be facing while in the midst of a transaction. More specifically, the support team is available throughout and will answer to any of your query or question regarding League of Legends smurf accounts.
At Accounts Of Legends you will always get your New Smurf Account instantly sent to your email. Make sure that you provide the correct emails during the checkout process. The email provided there will be used to send you your new personal Leauge Of Legends Smurf Account. After the payment is done, go to your email inbox and check for our emails. Also check your spam folder if you can`t find it. If you still can`t find it, kindly contact us in the live chat or via email:
Now that you have set your account and are ready to enjoy smurfing on your new LoL account, you might still have one question on your mind. What’s the guarantee that your account won’t be getting stolen or stops working? We have already mentioned how all the accounts that we provide are completely unverified. This means that after you buy these accounts, you will also have to verify these accounts with your own email. Once you verify your account, you can also proceed to changing the password of the account (which is also highly recommended). In case you forget your password or (the worst case) you get hacked, you can simply recover the account using your own personal email. Are League of Legends Unranked Accounts Expensive? How to Buy League of Legends Smurf Accounts?

Players also have this concern of League of Legends accounts being too expensive. However, this isn’t true at all. Different LoL smurf accounts exist depending on the requirement of the player. The accounts having more essences will cost more than an ordinary smurf account. In case you have no idea on what a League of Legends account usually cost, our price range usually starts from $9,99 up to $19,99. A few years ago a basic smurf account with 30.000 essences would cost you over $30 and some places still offer them for such ridiculous prices. Most usually, players like to buy a level 30 LoL account as it isn’t all that expensive but allows them to enjoy most of the activities on the go. On Accounts Of Legends you get LoL Unranked Smurf accounts for only $9,99 and they are completely ready for ranked with the amount of essences on it. Another factor on what the account’s pricing might depend on is the current state of the game. To put it bluntly, the relation of pricing of the account follows the same supply and demand rule as all the other items on the market. These are mostly the two main factors on what the pricing of the LoL accounts will mostly depend. Luckily, you can find both cheap as well as more expensive accounts on depending on your needs.
There are a number of different ways on how one can buy League of Legends accounts. All of the ways are completely secure and won’t pose any kind of threat to the player. If you are looking for the safest advice, we recommend that you go for a professional seller that offers a wide service. Before you end up buying a LoL Smurfaccount, you will have to keep an eye on the number of services that you are getting on your transaction. For example, you should always check whether you are getting a lifetime warranty on the account or not. Also make sure that the account is unverified. That means you can change email and password. This way, nobody else will ever have access to your account and in the rare case of being hacked or forgetting your log in details, you can easily recover your account using your email. These are all the main factors that you will need to check before getting the account. This will help you to determine exactly how reliable or good the source is from where you are making your purchase. Another thing to look out for is the customer support. Is email support offered or maybe even a professional live chat support? If there is a live chat, make use of it and get all the information you need. One thing that you will need to absolutely avoid is going for an unreasonable cheap account from a random website without reputation. Sadly, some places sell verified, banned or even hacked accounts. Instead, you need to make sure that the source or website from where you are getting your LoL Account should be completely safe and reliable at all costs. It may cost you a few more bucks, but it is better than the account which might get banned or stop working after a certain period time. This is why it is crucial that you don’t just end up buying from a completely random website.
As soon as you receive your account, we recommend that you check a number of things to avoid facing any kind of complication. Start with checking your account for any type of issues. If you notice anything wrong with the account, we strongly recommend that you contact us so we can have a look. If you don’t know what things to check, you will have to check things like the Server, Essences, Status of the account, and whether it has been previously used or not. The format of the account is always as to mention the name of the player followed by the password and the server. After you have confirmed that there is nothing wrong with your account, you should immediately change the email, and the password of the account in order to completely secure it. To do this, you will have to access the League’s website. After you launch the game, we suggest going to a custom game and adjusting the settings of your game. Some of the most important settings include: Video – Enable line missile display (for skillshots!) Interface - Turn on Chat as well as timestamps. Interface - Turn on Gold, Mana, Damage, Heal, Mana, and similar settings (at the bottom). Sounds – Unmute Game – Turn off movement prediction (at the bottom). Once you are done with adjusting the game’s settings, we suggest buying 20 different champions to use in ranked. Lastly, change your in-game name. You should now be set to enjoying your level 30 LoL unranked smurf account. Just make sure that you follow all these instructions, so you don’t end up facing any type of issues in the future.

Buy Your New LoL Smurf

Buy your new Unranked Smurf Account and start playing instantly. All of our accounts are delivered instantly per mail after the purchase, that means: No more waiting! You can choose your favorite champs and hop right into the war of ranked. Our accounts are always unverified, what means you can connect your own email to them and change the password as well. You can fully secure the account and nobody else will ever have access to it!

Leveling a League Of Legends Account to level 30 just to play ranked is annoying and takes time. A lot of time. We are here to save you from wasting days of continuously playing. Buying an account only takes a few seconds and thanks to our instant delivery system you can play on your new personal smurf account right away!
There are many different reaasons why people get a new lol smurf account. Those start at things like exploring the servers, or limit testing. Others might just want to play with friends in a lower elo or have a back up just in case something happened to your main account and you dont want to ruin your MMR. A League Of Legends smurf account opens the oportunity to learn new things without having to worry about losing elo on your main lol account. Also almost all pro players and streamers own many lol smurf accounts that they use to climb, practise etc.
Wether you play on EUW, NA, EUNE, BR or TR, we got you covered with our Accounts. As the demand is the highest for EUW LoL Unranked Accounts and NA Level 30 Smurf Accounts, we alway have a lot of accounts for EUW Accounts and NA Accounts in Stock.
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Why do you give away Free LoL Accounts?

Being in the market for many years, we often got these questions: "Can I get a free account?" or "How to get a free LoL Smurf Account?". Unfortunately, we could never provide this to our customers even though we would love to give back to everyone. So we came up with a unique and completely new way to make League Of Legends players days a little

Why you should own League of Legends smurf accounts

There are many different reasons why people get a new lol smurf account. Those start at things like exploring the servers, or limit testing. Others might just want to play with friends in a lower elo or have a backup just in case something happened to your main account and you don't want to ruin your MMR. A League Of Legends smurf account opens the opportunity to learn new things without having to worry about losing elo on your main lol account. Also, almost all pro players and streamers own many lol smurf accounts that they use to climb, practice, etc. That's why we are really happy to present this unique opportunity to get LoL Smurf Accounts completely for Free.