Buy LoL Ranked Accounts with high mmr

Do you look for accounts that have finished the placements already and have a high rank in the current league of legends season? We offer LoL ranked smurf accounts ranging from silver to diamond. We offer a safe and secure way to buy LoL accounts with Rank.

Yes you can. All of our sellers must provide full E-mail access or unverified LoL Accounts. So after purchasing a LoL Ranked Smurf Account you will get Name, Password and E-Mail access so you can change all the details.
The delivery is instant and you will receive all details on your email. If you used PayPal, we will send it to your PayPal email. If you provide an E-Mail in the checkout, we will send it to that email. If you cant find it, contact us in the Livechat or per email at and we will help you out.
Ever League Of Legends Account comes with the full recovery details. You can change email and password, so nobody else will have access to your new LoL Ranked Account
We only have LoL Ranked Accounts on the NA and EUW Server due to the demand being low on other Servers. We offer LoL Accounts in Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Master. Buying League Of Legends Gold and Platinum Accounts is less expensive, while LoL Diamond and Master Accounts can be more expensive.

Every LoL Ranked Smurf Account has different ammounts of Champs and BE. You will get all the informations (like Level, Rank, Champions, BE etc) about the League Account in the details.
After purchasing a LoL Account, please check out your emails. If you cant find the email, check your spam folder as well. If you still cant find it contact us in the live chat and we will gladly help you out!
If you purchased an Account and notice you did a mistake, dont use it, dont spend any BE and leave the Account as it is. We will have a look and verify that the account remained unused. If the Account was not used we can offer a replacement. If you used the LoL Account, unfortunately we can not offer a refund or a replacement.
Yes, League of Legends Diamond Accounts do decay. We make sure that our sellers always update their Listings and make sure that every detail is up to date. If you buy a Diamond Account or higher, we recommend to check if you need to play any decay games right away.

The best Solution to buy a new LoL Ranked Account

Having been in the League Of Legends Account industry for years, we understand all our customers needs and frustrations. Our LoL Accounts are all secure and always come with full email access. Our only priority is to deliver you the best League of Legends Smurf Accounts instantly, securely and without hassle. We got LoL Accounts in Gold, Platinum, Diamond and even Master. If you need a LoL Gold to Master Smurf Account on NA or EUW, we will cover all your needs.

Instant Delivery

Every LoL Ranked Account comes instantly to your email. You will get Name, Password and Recovery Email sent to your Email and you can start playing ranked right away. No more annoying waiting. If you have any questions or concers, you can always contact us in the life chat and we will gladly assist you!

Easy and Safe

Your security is an important factor for us. On our websites your details hidden and secured. Accepting Paypal or cards, we use the safest payment gateways. You can even change E-Mail and Password to fully secure the LoL Ranked Account. Nobody else will ever have access to your personal LoL Smurf Account!

Highest Quality

We always provide the highest quality. All of our LoL Smurf Accounts are leveled savely and with a VPN to prevent suspicious behaviour after a new IP log in. Thats why our smurf accounts do not get banned and are known for the best warranty and longevity. Go and experience it yourself right now!